Serving individuals, families and children in Bond, Clinton, Marion and Washington counties since 1967.

BCMW Head Start is a federally funded, comprehensive child development program which strives to promote a rich, nurturing, learning environment for families of Bond, Clinton, Marion, Washington and Franklin Counties, offering exciting opportunities and ensuring the highest level of services.  We are committed to continuing the proud heritage of serving children and families that has been our trademark since 1965.

BCMW Head Start has a long tradition of delivering comprehensive and high quality services designed to foster development in low-income children. We are funded for 440 children in a 5 county area. We provide a range of individualized services in the areas of Education & Early Childhood Development; Medical, Dental & Mental Health; Nutrition; and Parent Engagement. In addition, the entire range of Head Start services is responsive and appropriate to each child and family's developmental, ethnic, cultural and linguistic heritage and experiences.

Our program must adhere to specific Head Start Program Performance Standards, Regulations (Head Start Act) and DCFS Standards. These requirements define the services that we are to provide to the children and families we serve. They constitute the expectations and requirements that our program must meet. The standards are designed to ensure that goals and objectives are implemented successfully, that the Head Start philosophy continues to thrive, and that we maintain the highest possible quality in the provision of Head Start services.


BCMW Head Start program is family centered and designed to support parents as the most important influence in their child's life. The program strives to meet the needs and interest of the families enrolled through a variety of activities, trainings and educational opportunities.

Head Start's comprehensive approach to services is achieved through partnering with area social services agencies, local businesses, clubs, colleges, Pre-K programs, health service providers, community volunteers and public schools. These organizations and agencies have agreements and/or memorandums of understanding with our program.


BCMW Head Start implements the Creative Curriculum, a research based curriculum for preschool children based on five components: how children develop and learn; the learning environment; what children learn; the teacher's role and the family's role.

The Head Start Child Development and Early Learning Framework is utilized to promote positive outcomes for all children 3-5 years old. It represents the foundation of the Head Start Approach to School Readiness. It aligns with and builds from the five essential domains of school readiness identified by the National Education Goals Panel and lays out essential areas of learning and development. The Framework is used to guide curriculum implementation and assessment to plan teaching and learning experiences that align to school readiness goals and track children's progress across developmental domains.

BCMW Head Start, in partnership with the local communities, holds Book Drives throughout January and February to collect new and slightly used books. Events are planned during Dr. Seuss week to distribute the books to children and their family in an effort to promote literacy. Book walks, Bingo, Ring-around the Rosie and Minute to Win It, are just a few of the parent/child activities planned allowing the children an opportunity to win numerous books.

BCMW Head Start has formed a male involvement program titled, Heroes' United. This group was created to encourage positive male role model in the lives of our children.  Male figures and their children are united throughout the program year for special activities and events to foster and promote positive mentoring for the next generation.

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