The Community Services Block Grant Program (CSBG) is designed to provide a range of services which assist low-income people to attain skills, knowledge and self-sufficiency.  This program also provides emergency services.  This program is funded through the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity. 

Christmas Projects- Food baskets and Adopt-A-Family Christmas Program in participating counties.

Emergency Services- Provides food, shelter, medication and transportation in emergency situations.

Employee Support Program- Provides assistance with employment related expenses for uniforms, car repairs, etc. for low-income working individuals.

Family and Community Development (FCD)- Provides a program to assess a family's needs and resources and work with the family to devise a plan which will lead them to self-sufficiency.

Information/Referrals- Provide information and referrals to link low-income people with various resources.

Career Readiness- Provides supports for low-income students enrolled in the Kaskaskia College CNA-Plus Program.  In this program, students can earn a GED and CNA Certificate in as little as 16 weeks.  

Scholarships- Provides competitive scholarships to low-income students who are attending an Illinois college. See resources tab. 

Additional programs available through this department (pending availability of funds):

Clothing Pantries- Check your local county office

DHS Homeless Prevention- rent/deposit, mortgage and utility assistance for those experiencing a temporary economic crisis.

Emergency and Transitional Housing- Temporary homeless assistance and/or referrals to local homeless shelters
EFSP Program- emergency food, shelter, rent and utility assistance.

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